A club for creative minds, starting from age 5 years old and up. Many kids are already spending too much time in front of the electronics. Instead of pulling them away from the world that they grew up in, why not empower them to grow with it? That's why we offer interactive art classes online. Not just digital downloads. We have a real artist teaching them like in a normal class, except virtually. 

To make the best out of our self-quarantine mandate, it's the perfect time

to join us in one of our art classes and let your little artists unleash their hidden talents! 

A little secret? At Blooming Aces Creative Club, the students don't just learn the art techniques, but they also got to share their stories during class where our teacher organically guide their mindset development in embracing new things and overcoming learning challenges that we believe is important to prepare them for their life. 

Ready for a fun creative adventure? Let's head over to our classes now!


Each kid is an Ace.

Ace = no. 1. We encourage our kids to

be their own no. 1 fan.

Do our best. Be proud 

in being our best.

Inspire positive attitude.

Learning a new skill could be frustrating. Don't quit.

Take a break and try again. Finish what you started and stay positive.

Fun is a must!

We start with guidelines but we love it when our students go wild with their imagination. Creative freedom is encouraged.

Be nice to each other.

We communicate clearly

and provide supportive

environment so every student has a chance to shine in our club.


Patterned Bunny Pencil and Marker Artwork by our young Aces (from left to right: Carter, Abby, and Emma)

Next Art Classes

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Age Group: 5-12 years old

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Marker Drawings

Age Group: 5-12 years old

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Oil Pastel

Age Group: 5-12 years old

My Favorite Place Colored Markers + Pencils

Age Group: 5-12 years old


“My 3 kids ages 6-11yo have really enjoyed learning new art techniques. Erna explains her lessons clearly and adapts the lesson to the age of the child. The themes for each lesson are fun and engaging.” 

—  Matilda Young, Mom of

     Shelby, Devin + Clayton

Follow our student work and stories @bloomingacescc 

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