Blooming Aces Creative Club has recently launched in March 2020, right after our local schools announced COVID-19

mandated self-quarantine has been extended for a month. Our Founder, Erna, realized that although we love

staying in with our loved ones, being indoor with them all the time could take major adjustments, especially for kids.

We all are social beings and we need social interactions as well as inspirations for our curious minds.


In this technology era, most kids have access to an electronic device and have been spending too much time watching YouTubes, TikTok, etc. We all do it because It's fun. However, instead of just watching other people doing things, 

we decided that engaging people to create through our interactive online art classes is a more rewarding experience.

 Having been an Art Docent for 4 years at her daughter's school, Erna decided to pose this idea to her friends and family.

With their immediate support and excitement, we held our first online art class with 10 students from age 6 to 11 years old.

It was a success! Most students came back for the next classes, and have referred us to their friends.

We strive to maintain class quality by keeping each session intimate, with no more than 12 students to allow

proper attention for each student. Based on new feedback, we are not only opening up a younger age group

 (5-8 years old), but we also are now offering private group sessions for older teens and adults, who want

to host an art class or art-themed parties with their circle of friends at a group rate (no strangers in the group).

For the private group sessions, the host can suggest their favorite art topic. 

Email us at hello@bloomingacescc.com to learn more or share new ideas.

We are here for you. 


Erna Blooms

Founder + Art Teacher

Hello Everyone, 


I am thinking of all of you and hope that you and your families are doing well.  

Life could be unpredictable sometimes and what I've learned is to stop and notice the

silver lining in every situation. With faith and creative mind, you can always find something to be grateful for. Life in itself is a true blessing. Let's focus on what we can do for one another, and take it day by day. Praying for those who have been affected during this time, and leaders who are working hard to improve this difficult time. 

Stay healthy and positive. We are stronger together. Below are some positive daily mantras from inspiring mentors, who have shaped my life. 

Sending you love, XO Erna


“Everything is Figureoutable.” 

—  Marie Forleo

“I have what I need to get started."

—  Selena Soo

“Life is beautiful because of the people we meet. 

Together is better.” 

—  Simon Sinek

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